SEMINAR: Public Space Introduction (2019/20)

Semester I: 26 & 27 August, 2019 Intro-Seminar organized by Olga Schmedling “How to reflect on the rapidly changing formulations of public space in the age of digital media, vast ecological crises and civic uprisings?” Public spaces change as our modes of publicity change. `The public’ today can be described as an arena of different, overlapping social experiences and discourses articulated through the continuous activity of multiple evolving publics, rather than as a coherent and monolithic space. Consequently conventional approaches don´t seem to work anymore. As the work of art itself, its basic conditions of existence, its space/time system of coordinates, are transformed and displaced,

RESEARCH: Momentum (2019/20)

Semester I: 23 August, 2019 Momentum - The Emotional Exhibition Nordic Biennal of Contemporary Art in Moss Welcome to Momentum – The Nordic Biennial of Contemporary Art in the city of Moss, Norway, celebrating its tenth edition. Founded 20 years ago, the biennial focuses on giving young Scandinavian artists a platform to exhibit and proudly operates from and within a Nordic context, and this year curator Marti Manen with assistant curator Anne Klonz chose to explore the idea of emotions. Under the very literal title “Momentum 10: The Emotional Exhibition,” the show invites visitors to step away from the fast-paced digital sphere in or

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