COURSE: Art & Theory (2015/16)

Semester I: 8–16 October, 2015 with Stephen Wright Practising Theory: retooling our conceptual vocabulary. Specifically, I would like theory to be put to use – useful use! – by each of the students with respect to their own practices. The premise is that art is in the throes of a profound paradigm shift – one of the many signs of which is the creation of the Art & Public Space programme – and the work of emerging practitioners is often poorly served by a conceptual vocabulary inherited from the past century. It’s not that the lexicon is lacking words and concepts – indeed, it seems to have a word for absolutely everything – but rather that the terminology was developed and honed to described

STUDY TRIP: Istanbul (2015/16)

Semester II: 28 September - 2 October, 2015 SALTWATER: A Theory of Thought Forms – 14th Istanbul Biennial Day 1 – Monday 28th September Travel day – Accommodation – Individual sightseeing Day 2 – Tuesday 29th September Concentrate on Biennial venues at Karaköy and Beyoglu: 20 venues 10:00 Meet at Istanbul Modern (Tram from Sultanahmet/Gülhane to Tophane, + short walk to Istanbul Modern) Meet artist Merve Unsal, who will be our guide Tuesday and Wednesday. 12:15 Leave for guided, organic route around Beyoğlu venues. – Lunch, Near Italian High School Beyoğlu 2: Cezayir, House (Bostanbaşı St. No. 30), The Hotel Galatasaray, Gar

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