SEMINAR: Site-Specific Art (2014/2015)

Semester I: 13 -14 October, 2014 Seminar with Olga Schmedling Guests: Terje Roalkvam; Dyveke Sanne; Oddrun Sæter; Sandra Lorentzen Program: MONDAY 13th of October 09.00-10.00 Olga Schmedling; The concept of Site-Specific Art - An introduction 10.00-10.30 Questions - discussion 10.30-10.45 Pause 10.45-12.15 Terje ROALKVAM (artist) On Group 3+1 in dialogue with Olga 12.15-13.00 Lunch 13.00-14.00 Dyveke SANNE (artist, ass.professor KHiO) perpetual repercussion; the Svalbard Global Seed Vault art, in situ and ex situ 14.00-16.00 Workshop - discussions TUESDAY 14th of October 09.00-10.00 Oddrun SÆTER (urbanist, sociologist, artist) Artscape Nordland 10.30-10.00 Questions - discussion 10.30-10.4

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