COURSE: Documentation & Publicity (2019/20)

Documentation & Publicity is the last course in this academic year which concludes with a public event: LISTEN_IN. The aim is to test and experiment with different presentation formats that are complementary to an art exhibition; such as lecture, discussion, performance, film program, producing a radio podcast, various forms of publication or an exhibition of documents, documentary material, or building an archive. The idea is to work the suitable presentation format and find a form to communicate each Master project 1. LISTEN_IN is a final exam and an annual event for the students from the first year of study at MFA Art & Public Space. The students need to present their main project that is the leading project of their study. At the end of the semester they are asked to present their research, experiments and / or finished project.

Examiners: there are two internal examiners + a guest examiner + (public).

MAPS 1 students_ Study year 2019 – 2020:

Ana Brotas

Series of proposals that experiment with artistic expressions based on the investigation of intangible systems of thought, more specifically the relationship between language and public space. By acknowledging problematics in communication, this process aims to test various degrees of involvement within the circles which I consider myself a part of. The outcome assumes the form of a framework, profoundly reflective of my current learning environment.

Karina Sletten

Concrète Void: Pauline Oliveros My participation for LISTEN IN is a live radio-broadcast. In collaboration with radiOrakel and Dåra Dork, it is part of a radio-series named Concrète Void, a show concerning electronic music, tools and processes of creating sound.

The content of the 1 hour broadcast is rooted in the sonic meditations made by Pauline Oliveros. I took a special interest in the way she formulated listening as activism. For the project I connect Oliveros to Audre Lorde, who also believed listening was activism, touching upon the differences to how they perceived listening as activism in their own respects seeing as they had commonalities identifying as feminists, lesbians and activists.

My aim is to perceive Oliveros political interest during the years the sonic meditations happened, and thus what kind of activism she sought. The broadcast will include selected music that Oliveros created to give the listeners a sonic experience to the so-called byproducts of the sonic meditations.

The broadcast will be available from 12 pm from radiorakel FM 99,3 or on wednesday 13th of may 2020.

Lexie Owen

20 | 45 | 45 | 45 | 90 | 20 is a curatorial proposition that shapes itself around the sourdough bread making process. Denoting the “fallow” moments in the process of making sourdough, the project’s title references the intervals of time between inputs of careful labour. With a group of participant co-producers baking together on Zoom 20 | 45 | 45 | 45 | 90 | 20 fills these pauses with activities drawn from the bread-making process. Creating an environment for exchange the work approximates touch through the sharing of tactile processes at a distance. 20 | 45 | 45 | 45 | 90 | 20 creates an intimate public of co-producers, and will engage with larger audiences through the production of a zine which will include instructions for the bread baking process as well as documentation of the activities performed during the fallow intervals.

Viviana Càrdenas

Existential debris wants to be a cabinet of curiosities made out of human ingenuity, angst and absurdity. Facts of life colliding in a writing collage experiment that aims to take the shape of an underground movement, or at least to emulate some of its circulation methods in order to create a fiction out of it.