COURSE: Art & Theory

Week 42: 16 October 2019 
organized by Olga Schmedling

Kunstfag Grupperom 2 

9.00-11.00 Public Lecture by Ekaterina Sharova
11.00-12.00 Questions and Discussion
13.00-16.00 Workshop with Ekaterina Sharova

“I will discuss the role of arts in the border area in the North, and the North as a public space which exists in the condition of the global militarization and environmental crisis, bringing examples from Euro-Arctic region of Russia and the border area between Russia, Norway and Finland. Since 2014, I have been involved in placemaking processes in Euro-Arctic Russia, working with interdisciplinary projects in public space and creating new meeting places. In Murmansk and Arkhangelsk, there are no contemporary art galleries, neither in Kirkenes. The absence of these can be liberating, when curators and artists use abandoned construction sites, piers, abandoned schools, former Soviet factories,  city monuments, and former cultural houses as their playground. Ecology of culture, sustainable development, organic ways of meaning production and recreating the Post-Utopian heritage are important in this context. Working in a context of perpetual militarization, introduction of military education and ecological crisis, where “contemporary art” and “creative industries” have hardly existed as terms, can bring many challenges. What practices in public space were effective, and what were not? How to place the art work in the middle of the everyday processes inside the institution or outside, on the streets, and make it visible? How does an art work grow?”
1. The canon vs. the power -the Empire perspective
2. Nationalist agenda vs. decolonial feminist agenda
3. Placemaking and spacemaking
4. How to come out as a peasant




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