ÅPEN DAG / OPEN DAY (2018/19)

Semester I

KHIO - open space next to the canteen & outside

“The realization of the Open doors Day event, being a collaboration between the students from the start to the end, resulted in a good group dynamic among MAPS and the visitors, we developed our ability to collaborate together and benefitted from the variety of profiles and knowledge”

Maina Joner

The preparation for the Open Day, on December 13, 2018 at KHIO, was an opportunity to work in different ways, through collaboration / participation / cooperation. These challenging words are central questions within the programme and led to a variety of projects and processes. During these days, the experience of doing / learning / sharing opened the door for new questions.

How can we work together? How to share what we are exploring and the collective knowledge gained in the master program? How to form a community between the publics, teachers and maps students? How to co-work with these different publics?

The Open Day became a process where everyone had a part, and was a part of. The participation unfolded in different ways from ideas to discussions; designing, fabricating, assembling, helping each other, folding papers, eating, playing, cooking, making mistakes, playing music, sharing stories, carrying heavy things and I could continue…

Central to MAPS everyday activities in the studio, the communal table is used for group discussions, lectures or just conversations, watch films, listen to music, work and share meals. Collectivelly we decided to design and build a new table for the studio that could also be used for the Open Day, as the support of our activities with visitors. The final design is an oval shaped modular table, constituted by 3 pieces and with space for plants. Using the digital woodworking, during two days the pieces were cut and assembled with glue.

Table (3,60m x 1,2m)

Another transversal proposal revolved around cooking, with the intention to welcome visitors. For this Menu each student brought their own recipes inspired by their traditional dishes of their homeland or their own projects. You could replicate the recipes.

(left) Henriette Pi was playing her “Zoning game”, part of her master project

(right) DJ Alessandro Marchi played his records from Senegal


During various moments of conversation about what to do for this day, Merete Røstad proposed to produce a fanzine where each student could have a double A2 page to communicate their processes. Surrounded by the opinions of the group, Maïna Joner composed all the sheets together and organized the fanzine’s design.

Link for download the Fanzine :________________