LISTEN-IN (2014/15)

Semester II: 4 June, 2015

To mark the end of the very first year of our operation, the Department of Art & Public Space kindly invites you to:


4 June 2015

9:30 am - 4.00 pm

Rather than being a big public event – this event aims to create a small moment for those who are interested to hear what our students are reflecting upon, thinking about, and working on to come and listen-in. We are opening the door of our studio and inviting you to share with us as much time as you have. Keep in mind that for the most part the projects being presented are work-in-progress that still need to be developed further. We’ll be happy if you come and discuss them with us!

9:30–10:00 AM

Welcome by Apolonija Šušteršič , professor, Department of Art & Public Space

10:00–10:50 AM

Eternity/Absence by JB Beovardi

The research focuses on the response of human nature to the passing of time. Conflictual dialogues emerge in various shapes, demonstrated not only in philosophy and psychoanalysis but also within urban landscapes. This investigation questions the approach to artistic practices and their ability to convey these responses.

11:00–11:50 AM

Surplus Space – Landscape as a Representation of Economy and Meaning by Vibeke Frost

Andersen How do places acquire meaning? What is it that gives us a sense of belonging? Surplus Space seeks to respond to these questions through an investigation of edge lands, voids and forgotten spaces. Considering economic, social and political structures governing the appearance and perception of the landscape – both physical and mental – the project asks if it is possible to see, represent and understand some of the forces shaping our time – and, finally, if there are any utopias left to imagine.




Exit: Sweden by Marie Skeie

What role can an artist play in the public sphere, and what is the impact of her work? What parts of the public space are reserved for artist interaction? What kind of artistic space can be created in the conflict between the social and the political? The project deals with migration policy. Using historical and contemporary material, the project will focus on the migration from Norway to Sweden a result of family rights policies in Norway and the inability of immigrants to create a stable life.


WHY ART? by Anna Sophie Santner

This talk is an exploration of the views and opinions towards art in artistic and non-artistic milieus. Fourteen different people give insights into their perception of art; three of them appear on posters, quoted and portrayed. This survey functioned as a turning point for the artist and helped to further engage artistic practice as well as laid the ground for the artist’s master’s degree project.


LEKISO BET (mourning house) by Kebreab Demeke

The project will focus on the risky border crossings and tragic sea-travel stories of migrants from Eastern and Central Africa who migrate to European and Middle Eastern countries. Creating a social space like LEKISO BET helps to examine participatory culture and how participants consider themself as critical contributors for social and political change. What is the role of the artist in creating a social space for the values of social justice and critical reflection in migrant’s social and political realities?

Very welcome!