RESEARCH: Victor Walk (2014/15)

Semester I Victor Walk, Tøyen

Ø-zone (East-Europe zone)

an initiative to bring East-European and international culture to Tøyen. Involved in organizing film events, concerts and art market.

Tøyen skole aktivitesskole

Norwegian schools offer after-school activities through SFO, at Tøyen they have an acitivity school functioning as SFO, where they have activities of different types. They are divided in 2 groups: 1+2 grade (base1) and 3+4 grade (base 2).

Contact: Base 1 Shabana Kansar

Base 2:

Tøyen Skole (elementary school)

Around 260 pupils, from 1882, additional section from 1923. When it opened 750 pupils, in 1923 the largest number with 2000 pupils, including evening classes.

Many pupils that belong to the school don’t show up at the beginning of the school year, going to private school etc. 90% of the pupils other mother tongue than Norwegian.


Assisting headmaster:

Melk Gallery

MELK is an artist run initiative for new Scandinavian photography. The aim for the initiative is to raise the awarness of the scene of fine- art photographers in the region and the position of the medium today, in an contemporary context.

Location: Borggata 7 – 0650 Oslo


Phone: +47 4591 0856

General enquiries:

The MELK family:

Bjarne Bare, founding partner:

Behzad Farazollahi, founding partner:

Christian Tunge, exhibition coordinator:

Sara Rundgren Yazdani, writer:

Kamilla Langeland, gallery assistant:

Galleri MAP

An art gallery at Tøyen, right now they are showing an exhibition with Guttorm Nordø, known as on of the first street artist from Norway, starting in beginning of the 80s.

Adresse: Tøyengata 32, 0651 Oslo ,


Telefon: 98 89 26 72

Kampen Historielag (History assosiation)

Established 1986. They arrange a series of meeting about history in the area inviting historians, journalists, writers and facilitates guided walks.


Østkantliv (Cultural and newsblog for the Eastside of Oslo, leftside of the Aker river

Section of news from Tøyen and other areas like Bjørvika, Munch, Sagene and so on.

60.000 readers. They also have web-tv.


Fighters club Tøyen

Founded by Fatima Pinto, World champion in Thaiboxing in 2011. Centre for martial arts in Kolstadgaten 1 (K1). This building was former Health department (state) and Fighters club where the first ones to move in. Now it’s hosting different NGOs and activities.

Nordby Bakery, søstrene Nordby

4th generation of bakers at Tøyen, recently moved to new location across the square at Tøyen. Now it’s run by the mother and 2 daughters in the Nordby familiy.

Grønland / Gamlebyen frivillighetssentral (centre for voluteers)

They are now moving their office to K1 (Kolstadgata 1), Tøyen. They have various activities like Natteravner, computer courses for seniors, help with homework etc. They organizes different arrangements and volunteers.

Manager: Alf Jørgensen


Mobil 900 70 087
 Telefon 23 43 16 42 / 02 180


In March 2013 7 residents at Tøyen met to respond to an article published in Morgenbladet and Samtiden; “Kron eller mynt”, the author of the article Heidi Marie Kriznik was also part of the meeting They formed “Tøyen inititativet” with the goal of improving the living and childhood environment at Tøyen, as well to make sure that the voice of the residents are heared in political processes, decisions taken and about the development. This initiative rose partly on background of turning the building in Kolstadgaten 1, next to Tøyen skole to a shelter.


Heidi Marie Kriznik


Tøyen Torg

The main square at Tøyen. In Tøyen løftet, agreement on using 30 million kr for the revitalization ofTøyen Torg, 50% financed by the municipality, 50% privet owners. The revitalization is administrated by Anne-lise Øien v/Realkapital Corporate Finance AS representing the private owners at Tøyen Torg. Contact 23 11 68 70


The square will be filled with a red carpet making association to Moscow and already made fun of. Tøyenkontoret have backed all the plans of the revitalization.

Tøyenkontoret, room for art and urbanism

Financed through Norwegian art council and Entra eiendom (property)


Office: Hagegate 22

Lars Haahr Klemmensen (artist?)


mobil: +47 93452386

Mikkel Strandbygaard (architect, educated Aarhus)


mobil: +47 45452658

Have initiated different project like Tøyen Hage Klubb (Tøyen Garden Club) and bike repair workshop.

Løft Tøyen

Is an umbrella organization of 4 residents groups who wants to improve the living and childhood environment at Tøyen: Tøyenkampanjen, Tøyenkontoret, Tøyen velforening and Tøyeninitiativet.



Urban Samtidskunst (Urban Contemporary art)

Viktor Gjengaar is one of the initiators.

Curating murals and works on walls in the city. They started up in 2012, they have a vision of creating Galleri Oslo, that will be an outdoor gallery, on walls, with it’s main area of Tøyen. Because of the moving the Munch museum away from Tøyen, they want to see the area continue to attract people with art, and in particular art in the urban space.

They are non-profit organization without public support and private sponsors.

Curating also in other places, like Moss this summer.

Leif Gjerland

Gjerland is a journalist who worked as information officer at the city planning office and writes about the history of Oslo, especially Tøyen area. He's newly published a book about the history of the eastern part of oslo. He also do city walk.


About his books: Leif Gjerland - bøker - Adlibris bokhandel - 1