SEMINAR: Site-Specific Art (2014/2015)

Semester I: 13 -14 October, 2014

Seminar with Olga Schmedling

Guests: Terje Roalkvam; Dyveke Sanne; Oddrun Sæter; Sandra Lorentzen


MONDAY 13th of October

09.00-10.00 Olga Schmedling; The concept of Site-Specific Art - An introduction

10.00-10.30 Questions - discussion

10.30-10.45 Pause

10.45-12.15 Terje ROALKVAM (artist) On Group 3+1 in dialogue with Olga

12.15-13.00 Lunch

13.00-14.00 Dyveke SANNE (artist, ass.professor KHiO) perpetual repercussion;

the Svalbard Global Seed Vault art, in situ and ex situ

14.00-16.00 Workshop - discussions

TUESDAY 14th of October

09.00-10.00 Oddrun SÆTER (urbanist, sociologist, artist) Artscape Nordland

10.30-10.00 Questions - discussion

10.30-10.45 Pause

10.45-12.15 Sandra LORENTZEN (arthistorian, curator) "Memory and Politic;

Site: Jemery Deller's The Battle of Orgreave"

12.15-13.00 Lunch

13.00-16.00 Workshop - discussions - Summing up


Oddrun Sæter is a sociologist and professor at Oslo and Akershus University College (HiOA). She is the head of research of The Urban Research Program at HiOA. She has for years done reseach on urban issues, from public art, urbanity and place processes, to urban politics and gentrification, both in Oslo and Williamsburg, New York. At present she is the project leader of research on residential mobility in the Oslo region, in cooperation with UiO. Why do people move from one place to another? is the main question we discuss in interviews of people on the move. Beside traditional social science methods, Sæter also applies photography and film as part of her urban studies.

Sandra Lorentzen (born 1985) is an art historian and curator, with a BSc in Management Science from Warwick Business School, England, and an MA in Art History from the University of Oslo. She has been active in the field of art and culture, employed at institutions such as Henie Onstad Art Centre, the Stenersen Museum, the National Theatre, and recently as curator at Northern Norway Art Museum. At Northern Norway Art Museum, she has curated numerous exhibitions such as Still Life in Motion, Thomas Falstad: Polygon Window and Queen's Gambit. Inspired by the cultural scene in Tromsø, she also initiated and is chairman of Culture Night in Tromsø.

Terje Roalkvam (born 1948) is an artist living in Oslo. Educated from The State School of Art and Craft in Oslo (Oslo Academy of the Arts) and The Art Academy ASP in Warszaw. Started as a printmaker, now working with sculpture and drawing. He has exhibited in Norway and several European countries (Galerie Emilia Suciu, Karlsruhe/Ettlingen, Konstruktiv Tendens, Stockholm). One-man museum exhibitions in Stenersenmuseet, Oslo, Lillehammer Kunstmuseum and Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum, Tromsø. Has made 35 art project in different public spaces in Norway. Started the group project “3+1” in 1987 with colleagues Paul Brand and Dag Skedsmo, and arranged exhibitions with among others Carl Andre, Sol LeWitt and Richard Long as part of that project.

Dyveke Sanne has her art education from the Academy of Fine Art (SKA), Oslo, The Institute of Space; Art and Architecture (AHO, SKA and SHKS) and Oslo National Academy of the Arts (SHKS). Sanne often works with installations that appeal to an active, contributing audience, and has completed a number of art commissions in public spaces. For the art project at the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, she was awarded the Norwegian Lighting Prize in 2009.

Since 1998, Sanne has taught at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. She was chair of the art committee for the New Concert Hall in Stavanger for 5 years, and was a consultant for the preliminary project for the memorial site after the 22 July incident in Norway. (Both for KORO, Public Art Norway) She was, for a period, head of the Post-education Programme for artists, (For NBK, Norwegian Visual Artist Association and Art Council Norway