Stefi Kiesler, Calendar notes, 1945
Exhibition: Frederick Kiesler: Life Visions, MAK, Vienna, 2016

Cooperation project Stefi Kiesler, Calendar notes, 1945 started up as an invitation to participate at the exhibition about great visionary architect, theatre maker and thinker Frederick Kiesler.

Apolonija Šušteršič (professor), Hild Borchgrevink, Nina Krogh, Linn Lervik, and Ida Uvaas (MAPS 1 students) formed an artist group with the name Stefi Kiesler.

The group developed a process-oriented project about Kiesler’s first wife, Stefi Kiesler, who played no doubt a very important role in Kiesler career. The project is not only presented in institutional spaces, but also disseminated in public spaces and via social media.


Stefi Kiesler engaged in literary activities; her work included typewritten images, short stories, translations, and articles for the magazine Aufbau. The newly initiated activist group “Stefi Kiesler” is dedicated to the private notations and diaristic entries she recorded in the years from 1930 to 1952. In the MAK exhibition, the artists illuminate a calendar covered in blue silk with an entry for 30 October 1945, the day on which a meeting about the unrealized Magic Showtook place. A compilation of the appointments, meetings—with Marcel Duchamp, among others—and events is depicted on a diagram of the Kieslers’ social and artistic network, which is to be fragmentarily assembled for the MAK exhibition and promulgated via quotes in Vienna’s Stadtpark, an urban space adjacent to the museum.

Ny Norsk Offentlig Ordliste / New Norwegian Public Glossary
Initiated by Hild Borchgrevink, Nina Krogh, Linn Lervik and Ida Uvaas


Språk er et verktøy for å kommunisere og dele. Et ordforråd er et dynamisk, offentlig rom som endrer seg over tid i takt med språkets brukere. Som et pågående prosjekt arbeider masterstudenter i Kunst og offentlige rom med å utvikle et norsk vokabular om offentlighet i kunst, i vid forstand. 


Words are used to communicate and share. A vocabulary is a dynamic public space, changing with time and with the people involved. As an ongoing project, the students from Art & Public Space generate a living Norwegian dictionary; a document of public dimensions.

Proforma – love according to UDI / ongoing process
by Marie Skeie


If you fall in love with someone who is not from Schengen, you could easily get caught up in the migration system between immigration regulations and the right to privacy. Waiting and waiting, disappointments and bureaucracy can be part of the experience, sometimes also moving in exile.  

Skeie is working with the subject of migration from her own experience with the migration system and investigates the tensions between love and authorities, private and public, regulations and rights, globalization and national interests in this context. 

Through actions, interviews, research and media, Skeie looks for new questions and to initiate conversations through her work. In the process, she is talking to authorities, academics and Norwegian citizens who have been affected by the migration regulations.

Master Project by Kebreab Demeke


Peoples who are the crossing borders from Africa to Europe by boat are the subject on my master’s project. Through this project I am interested to look individual stories, hidden reasons and the socio-political definition of the subject. I am trying to look at the gaps between political understandings of the so-called migrant crises and the reality.

Washed passports on Mediterranean sea, Lampedusa island October 2015

Washed passports on Mediterranean sea, Lampedusa Island, October 2015

SURPLUS SPACE / an ongoing project by Vibeke Frost Andersen


In her ongoing MA project with the working-title "surplus space", landscape is explored as a meaningful content, a meaning of place and a token of belonging. The project relates to areas in the municipality of Kragerø that have fallen out of the estate registry system and attempts to determine what these areas have in store – as narratives – through field inquiries.

One of the experiments relating to the project – a movie which was shown on the school’s indoor-screen, in the reception area – is a visualisation of a 3D scan carried out on 4 small islands, belonging to this uncharted category. The scan was executed by worksmaster Trond Mikkelsen at dForm, KHiO, during the two weeks of the PUBspa project (a workshop led by professor Theodor Barth, in KHiO's corridor-weeks).


Professor Theodor Barth on the project:

“In the PUBspa project, Vibeke Frost Andersen has made a sustained contribution on the importance of interstitial spaces, that in actual practice comes close to what Anthony Dunne has called the ‘Herzian field’ (2005: 104-105): 'an electroclimate defined by wavelength, frequency and field strentgh arising from the interaction between the natural and artificial landscape'.

Anthony Dunne’s book Herzian Tales suggests that arrangements like Vibeke Frost Andersen’s in the PUBspa project constitute a new generation of narratives, where the claims on space, in the interstitial space that Dunne calls the Herzian field, yield a case-base for a better understanding of this [still] largely uncharted territory, and its de facto publicness.

Her discussions with Web-manager Even Onsager seems to reveal an articulate point of view and publicness described in the above terms. That screens are linked to the function of the places in which they are located, in aspects where their integration into an interior contributes to define not only their function, but as forms that are required to be present in a certain way.”

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