MFA, Art and Public Space (MAPS)

Art and Public Space is a master programme (MFA) established in 2014 at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. The two-year study programme focuses on contemporary art and its relationship with the public sphere. Our goal is to critically examine the spatial, social and political issues around public(s) and their space. 

The programme provides a critical and analytical environment in which artists and others with a professional commitment to the arts can develop the means for an appraisal of the contemporary implications and actual significance of their work. The programme actively encourages students to develop their practice through various methods of research and analytical thinking, as well as practical engagement with sites and situations found in our society today.


The Art and Public Space MFA programme offer associations with a broad community of artists, architects, designers and thinkers as well as engagement with historical and contemporary means of production across different cultures and disciplines.

The pedagogy of the programme is based on the respective exchange of knowledge between different generations, between the teacher and the student, encouraging team-work and providing constructive discussions. During the two-year programme, the students are asked to develop their own project(s) that would unfold into a composite practical and theoretical outcome. However, they are also asked to participate in group research, workshops and discussions and to learn to work together as a team.

The programme welcomes approaches from people of diverse backgrounds and experiences since the discourse will continue to embrace the extension of the public sphere; architecture, urban planning, design, performance, theatre and film alongside contemporary art practices.

Part of the programme curriculum is engagement within the local context – with the city of Oslo as well as with the international (global) context, participating and visiting various exhibitions, conferences, seminars, and other areas for the programme relevant to public manifestations. Along with a dedicated studio space, each student has access to a library with a diverse collection of books, periodicals and other reference materials, workshop facilities, various interdisciplinary programmes, lecture and seminars.

The MFA Art and Public Space Programme aim:

To create a critical space for the ambitious realisation of potential via community and discourses.

To provide students with the intellectual and practical capabilities required for fulfilling their ambitions.

To support the development of students as experimental makers and innovative thinkers.

To equip them to become responsible professionals.

To foster and grow a belief in students that the power of art can effect change on a personal and societal level.

To enable students to take work to the world and to bring the world to work.