Mona Solhaug

Mona Solhaug was educated at the Norwegian Theatre Academy in Fredrikstad. Since 2006 she has been working as an actress and theatre maker with different groups and constellations in the independent theatre field in Norway. 


I use the word theatre in a broad sense, as a stylistically and genre independent term. As a collective term for all staged activity that has situational awareness in addition to what it traditionally means to play theatre. My interests lie in finding new rooms and contexts, where theatre and the theatrical can play a wider and more complex part in public space. I am interested in the different roles theatre plays in society and who is really defining these spaces and stages.



THE SALMON PLAY – Fjaler 2014. A live audio play based on  a true story about art meeting the fish farming industry and rural Norway. It celebrates the political machine of propaganda and illusion that has forged the time-honored symbol of the Salmon and its nutritional value.

Created by: Trine Falch, Bo Krister Wallström, Martin Langlie and Mona Solhaug.
Photo: Tina Horrisland Engedal