Ida Uvaas

Ida Uvaas is a dance artist creating works primarily in collaborative processes. Her works are often interdisciplinary, site- and/or audience-specific and carry an aspect of audience interaction or engagement. 


Ida has a BA (hons) Dance Theatre from Laban. From 2006–2010 she ran the company MIKS in London together with Sara Lindström and Anaïs Bouts. She has worked with a.o. Frauke Requardt, Athina Vahla, Juanjuan Sun, Annika Ostwald og Trine Ørbæk. Recently, she created a performance at the Emanuel Vigeland Museum in Oslo, the collaborative projects I Vesterled and Korp, korp for children, and is currently in the process of developing a new Nordic-Baltic collaboration. 


I am curious to investigate the notions of collaboration, temporality and audience participation/interaction/engagement in relation to the public/common space/time/sphere, and redefining and refining language around these topics in dialogue. At the time of writing this I am looking at immateriality and imperformativity in long-term processes, yet so far thinking that time is the cursor of our time.