Hege Pålsrud 


In my work I create theatrical playgrounds in public spaces. Through temporary transformations of public spaces, I merge fiction and reality, promote the unforeseen and the implausible, and aim to meaningfully alter audiences´ imaginative worlds. I focus on already-existing social settings – the flea market, the worksite, the neighbourhood – where cultural and institutional structures orient action and allow for even minor interventions to have poetic impact. I collaborate with artists like musicians, writers, actors, dancers and visual artists; with these partners I create a frame for action and with a set of dogmas I direct and develop individual artists´ contributions towards a coherent whole that explores the performative possibilities of a particular space. Audiences – both the long-term inhabitants of the sites I work in and temporary visitors – have access to multiple routes into the work: they interact with artists and with each other; they stand back and watch; they remember; they build new relationships. I create new social settings, new atmospheres for action, and facilitate audiences´ ability to see and engage with the structures and hierarchies that impact their daily lives through meaningmaking in secret corners, in interaction, and in objects.


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Pålsrud has been working in the performing arts since 1991. She is artistic director and scenographer of Pålsruds Prosjekt and in her practice as a scenographer has worked independently and with institutions in theatre, museum exhibitions, film, and television. She worked as scenographer and head of the design department at the Norwegian state broadcaster NRK for six years and in 2006 was appointed co-commissioner for Norway´s contribution to the Venice Architectural Biennale. She is a co-convenor of RadArt, a network for independent performance artists that works with advocacy, festivals, and continuing education. She has received funding from Arts Council Norway and Tromsø municipality, and has served as a board member of the Tromsø International Film Festival, the Performing Arts Hub Norway, and the Norwegian Scenographers Union.


Pålsrud was educated at the Nordic School of Stage design in Skellefteå, Sweden and the Academy of Theatre in Prague (DAMU), Czech Republic and has academic training in Theatre Science from the University of Oslo and Cultural management from the University College of Oslo. She is currently enrolled in an MA program in Art and Public Space at the Norwegian Art Academy.